Marisa Vaughn Conlon, Esq.

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Marisa Vaughn Conlon

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I began my career as a Patent Examiner for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. I worked on inventions for agricultural technology, spanning from vertical farms to erosion control. It was there that I became immersed in the intersection of patents and sustainable technology.

I went on to practice at top tier law firms, where I gained extensive experience preparing and prosecuting patent applications, as well as managing global patent portfolios. I represented leading inventors in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, data processing, and robotics.

During this time, I also became increasingly moved by environmental and social concerns. Not all human invention leads to innovation and progress. Nevertheless, as restoration of our planet demands new technical solutions, inventing is more crucial now than ever before. And patents are imperative to incentivize people to invent. From addressing climate change to global food supply, we need human ingenuity. And we need quality patents.

Having worked in patent law for a decade, I set out to focus my practice on representing, not just inventors, but true innovators- those that are developing technology to bring progress. I broke away from biglaw firm life and created a practice of my own.


B.A., Double Major in Physics and Philosophy, 2004

Juris Doctor, 2007

Bar Admissions

• New York, Illinois
• The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office